Byway Studio X CTL2016 present: critical design collection “Tuned Out”: materialized the non-musical function of headphones – deflecting social interactions & creating private oasis in public.

  • "White Noise" provides immersion of an alternative audio dimension blurring out the outside noise.

  • "Do Not Disturb" ushered away unwanted attention through a direct, minimal universal sign of request for privacy.

  • "Defensive Armor" provides shielded protection by actively cutting out a safe personal space.


“White Noise”

 When you are on a bus or in a cafe and don’t feel like being forced to listen to stranger’s conversation, you put on your headphones and have your music on “shuffle.” The relatively constant volume blurs out the outside noise and creates a white noise atmosphere to remove yourself from your environment. This over-ear headphone echoes this concept of white noise manifested by the randomly generated patterns and shapes in the front plate, the ear cup housing, and the band. The inner frame was laminated molded leather bands, and the two ear cups are adjustable, held by tension.

TUNED OUT is to start a conversation among objects, environments, and human interactions.