Watch Strap.

Watch strap is one of the things most people think it’s very easy to do compare to other leather products. I found that to make a pair of perfect watch straps is actually quite difficult.

To start with, it is something you wear on your wrist (which is visible, sweaty and moving a lot), so it has to be comfortable, breathable, VERY durable and, of course, beautiful.

Second, it is a very small piece of leather and you need to do loops, skiving, punching and sometimes sewing with two types of leather, which means the level of craft needs to be pretty high.

Lastly, the installation of different types of watch bands can be quick tricky.

I’ve done a dozen of watch straps and right now I really love this version—stitchless, edge painted, with Arlan’s “Saffiano” goat leather on the surface and Conceria Walpier’s “Buttero“ on the back, and folded loops.