Byway Studio was founded by an industrial designer and a material science engineer, so we develop our products with the pursuit of precision and accuracy. From an idea to a product, thorough research, intimate material investigation, contextual inquiries, and several rounds of prototyping, we never present a product until we are 100% satisfied. 

As a progressive and modern design studio, we embrace and utilize machineries and digital tools for greater efficiencies and new design possibilities, but not when reliability and quality are impaired. For example, we love using a laser cutter for a number of things, but we will never laser-cut leather as a final product, because the burnt smell will forever ruin the natural fragrance of our high quality vegetable-tanned leather. 

We have the highest respect towards time-honored leather-working - one of the oldest arts practiced by mankind. Some artisan-made hand tools we use at the studio still remain the highest quality of their kinds. We use quite a lot of techniques that simply cannot be done equally by machines to achieve the look and finishes we demand. Hand sewn saddle stitch, for example, one of the strongest and most beautiful stitching styles, is used in many of our products.