Pixelated Body

This project started with the discussion on how technology enlarged our daily vocabulary. Words like pixel and voxel are now taken out of their original context and made their way to other aspects of our lives, like fashion– Techno Esscentric, is the formal name apparently.

I can’t say I like or dislike this fashion trend, but the idea of bring technology aesthetic into fashion, and explore the 2D and 3D transformation reminded me of cubism, and modernism in general in the early 20s. I thought I should contribute my take on it.

This general idea provided me with helpful restriction of square modular piece and it’s pixel-like aesthetic. I cut Bristol Board and try to figure out a way that works with the body. From some explorations and sketches I came up with the idea that making making a shoulder piece that not only consist of square modular pieces but also transformable to a totally different aesthetics.


This project was featured on DesignBoom