Our Leathers

After months of research and examining hundreds of samples from tanneries all over the world, we're proud to say that we design our product to highlight the full-grain, 100% vegetable tanned leather, developed by skilled artisans in Tuscany, Italy.

Here is why:

We insist on using full grain leather because it means the strongest part of the leather has not been sanded or buffed away. This is indicative of high quality leather originated from high quality hides as sanding and buffing are often used to cover up surface imperfections. Full grain leather also offers a natural look with its unique grain characteristics in addition to being extra durable (scratch resistant, thermally insulating, mechanically strong) and restorable.

The choice of 100% vegetable tanned leather means the tannins used are gathered from trees and plants present either in bark, leaves, wood or even in fruits and roots, which makes vegetable tanned leather organic, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic tannins. Common tannins include chestnut, quebracho and Minosa extracts. Those natural tannins not only give vegetable tanned leather a distinctive earthy scent and luxurious appearance, but also make it highly malleable and durable which inspires us to keep developing fun and functional structures out of it. With wear, vegetable tanned leather will respond to its environment, darkens, and develops natural sheen from its patina while maintaining its warmth and silkiness.

Finally, we only use leather from tanneries associated with The Genuine Italian Vegetable Tanned Leather Consortium. We had the pleasure of visiting one of their tanneries in Italy to witness how leather are developed with the highest standards. The coupling of generations worth of tradition and techniques with the state-of-art technologies combine to deliver leathers with the utmost quality. Additionally, their production cycle is strictly monitored to ensure industry-leading low impact on the environment. The sustainable water treatment facilities purify their water for agricultural and constructional use. The Consortium acts as the ambassador of the Tuscan excellence by only granting the "hand logo" to leathers meeting their high standards.

We also continue to research and source the best materials from the best tanneries around the world, including the luxurious french goat leather Chevre Chagrin from the Alran Tannery; the Hermes' favorite french calf leather Novonappa Tannery Haas. Our studio is testing alternative materials like MuSkin and Piñatex™as well.

We design to embrace and accentuate the remarkable attributes of these luxurious materials.



Our products are built to last, so we source our hardware following the same principle. Our zipper is super smooth and durable, made to order in the U.S. Every buckle, O-ring, D-ring, button, and snap is carefully selected after rounds of testing. You'll find quite a lot of solid brass hardware in our products, as they are strong, durable, and as a bonus, they will also develop characteristic patina along with the our leather.

We will also be rolling out limited editions featuring unique hardware pieces collected from our traveling across the world. 



For some specific products we leave them with unfinished and clean raw edges, especially on natural leather to show the absolute minimal aesthetic and that unique veg tan glow.

When necessary, we finish our products with all-natural leather cream made from plants, trees and beeswax. The edges are sealed and buffed with wax when necessary. We've made sure to condition and protect vegetable tanned leather without covering up its natural beauty, and also give it a nice bronzed sheen.

Thanks to the superior quality of our leather, they are beautiful and durable either way,