Byway Studio is a US based design studio founded by Whitney Bai and Sean Wei.

Byway Studio is a US based design studio founded by Whitney Bai and Sean Wei.



Whitney has always loved the minimal design aesthetic. While being clean and simple, there is nothing easy about minimal design: it requires thoughtfulness in the process and perfection in the craft. While honing in her technical skills and developing her own design language at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Whitney has applied her design principal on various aspects of softgoods design especially with vegetable tanned leather. She has studied leather finishing at Stahl, visited Italian tanneries and water treatment plants, studied both bespoke and innovation shoe making, and gained valuable product developing experience working for Apple & Google's softgoods teams. She brings her love for thoughtful minimal design, veg tan leather craft, as well as her industrial design experience through designing and crafting every product at BywayStudio.


As a Harvard trained Ph.D in Materials Science, Sean has a thing for radical ideas that provide seemingly effortless yet effective solutions to design dilemmas. His role at the studio is to performs in-depth studies and research on prior art for each of our products to identify what could be done better and develop a better formulation. Being a harsh critic to our own products, Sean focuses to feature the functionality and practicality of a product and also make a memorable impression through tasteful aesthetics that will stand the test of time. 


Fun fact: Byway Studio's co-founders' last names are "Bai" & "Wei", get it? :D