A (Pair of) Shoe (s)

I was inspired by the simple, classic and yet smart European designs–not trying too hard to be eye-catching, but always make you smile when you discover the surprise, like what I found in Berlin–Bless, or the mind blowing Porsche Museum, and lots of smart (not the new technology “smart”, just ordinary but extraordinary) houses I saw on the streets.

What’s a pair of shoes, and what is a shoe. What’s a left and what’s a right.

My design journey of this project is featured on ConceptKicks.  Here is a glimpse of my experience designing leather finishes at Stahl. Shoutout to the amazing shoe design school The Footwearists where I made some shoes, and a lot of friends. 


My explorations at Stahl:


Image of the Day--one image per day to present my time in Europe:


More sketches and collages about the design process: